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2012 April 18

S/Sgt. Jeff Young

604 925 7352 Desk



The West Vancouver Police Department is currently conducting an investigation into a single vehicle motor vehicle accident involving an impaired driver.

On April 16, 2012, at approximately 2:30 a.m., members of the West Vancouver Police Department were called to the scene of a single vehicle motor vehicle accident on Highway #1 at Taylor Way in the eastbound lanes. Upon arrival, officers discovered that the vehicle had been travelling eastbound on Highway #1 at Taylor Way when it left the road at a high speed and rolled into a gully, destroying a section of fence.

The 24-year-old driver was located a short distance away, attempting to leave the accident. WVPD officers entered into an impaired driving investigation based on the behavior displayed by the driver.

This accident is currently under investigation and charges are pending. Speed and alcohol appear to be contributing factors in this motor vehicle accident.

As part of their Strategic Plan, the West Vancouver Police Department continues to focus on high crash zones with the intent of reducing accidents involving High Risk Drivers. High Risk Drivers are drivers who continue to exceed posted speed limits, drive while distracted, drive while impaired and disregard traffic control devices. “Drivers can expect to receive violation tickets with significant fines and suspensions attached to them if they continue to drive in a manner that poses a high risk to public safety,” states Staff Sergeant Young of the West Vancouver Police Department’ Support Section. “Since January 2012, the West Vancouver Police Department has issued approximately 115 vehicle impounds for Excessive Speeding. In this case, the driver was fortunate that he was not more seriously injured and that he did not injure or kill others.”