File #:

2011 Nov 18

Cpl Jag Johal

604 925 7353 Desk



The West Vancouver Police Department is crediting a quick thinking employee of the West Vancouver Aquatic Center with foiling what they believed was a ruse to steal some found property.


On November 18, 2011, a male and female attended the West Vancouver Senior Centre and Aquatic Center where they asked staff if they could check their found property and found property ledger for some jewellery they claimed belonged one of their deceased relatives.


An employee quickly recognized the female as being a person who tried a similar ruse on her last year at this same location. When questioned further, the male became argumentative with staff before both parties left the facility on foot. As a result, the West Vancouver Police Department was notified.


West Vancouver Police officers managed to track down the two individuals several blocks away. Although no property had been obtained by these individuals, police investigators learned both parties had prior contact with police that involved them attending recreation centres and other businesses with similar manufactured stories. Police also learned that a similar scam had been tried at another Rec Center on the North Shore earlier in the week.


The West Vancouver Police Department would like to make community recreation centres and other businesses aware of this scam and caution employees from allowing any would-be property owners from viewing their found property logs. Employees should also be cautious about showing people any items of value they have stored in their businesses' found property locker until the person has provided enough descriptive details of the item(s) they are looking for.


 Any person who has knowledge of this incident or a similar one can contact the West Vancouver Police Department at 604 925 7300 and quote file # 11- 14572. Alternatively, calls can be made to Crime Stoppers at 1 800 222 8477 where your information may lead to a reward.